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Yuyao Mingying Electrical Appliance & Lamp Factory is a professional enterprise engaged in the design and manufacture of all kinds of chargeable flashlight. The factory insists the philosophy of innovation and continuous development since its establishment. The factory develops under the idea of utilizing advanced technologies and scientific management and trying to be first grade in quality. The factory keeps close tracking for market needs, positively develop unique patterns , reliable and safety environmental series products in multi-function with hand rocking。The factory is developing flourishingly in the sharp competition.

The products are widely sold into countries in Europe, America and Japan and favored by extensive customers both at home and abroad such as rocking dynamoelectic flashlight in multi-functions, hand touching dynamoelectric flashlight, chargeable flashlight, probing lights.

The products enjoy a high reputation in the international market. In order to challenge against the competition from the new century, the factory has established the quality assurance system step by step. The factory is working very hard with the philosophy of high efficiency, factualism. The factory is devoted to explore the markets and develop new items with superior quality and excellent service. Our factory will update products on all famous website both at home and abroad with the goal to provide extensive customers with highest quality possible.